After the story of Hugh of Lincoln

After the story of Hugh of Lincoln - After the story of...

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Unformatted text preview: After the story of Hugh of Lincoln, everyone is in a somber mood until the Host begins to tell jokes to cheer the group. He then tells Chaucer to come forth with a tale of mirth. Chaucer explains that he has only one story — a rhyme that he heard long ago. Far across the sea in Flanders, a handsome, young knight by the name of Sir Topas lives. Sir Topas is a great hunter, an accomplished archer, and a skilled wrestler. Every maiden in the land pines for his love, but Sir Topas takes little interest in these maidens. One day, after an exhausting ride through the forest, Sir Topas rests beside a watering place and dreams of an Elf Queen. When he awakes, he is determined to ride to the ends of the earth in search of an Elf Queen. He soon meets a three-headed giant who bids him depart this part of the forest because it was the...
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