Awe - Awe-stricken, the pagans convert to Christianity....

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Unformatted text preview: Awe-stricken, the pagans convert to Christianity. Soon, King Alla and Constance fall in love and are married. While the king is away at war, Constance gives birth to a beautiful son. But the king's mother, Donegild, an evil and vicious woman, intercepts and replaces the message bearing the happy news with letters of her own, saying that the king's son was born deformed. In his response, King Alla says he will accept the child, but Donegild intercepts that message as well and writes a false one saying that the king's will is to the have the child destroyed. Horrified, Constance sails away with her son. Upon his return, King Alla discovers the falsified messages and, grief-stricken at the loss of is wife and son, has Donegild executed. In the meanwhile, the emperor of Rome, Constance's father, hearing of the tragic news of the death of the Christians, sends an army to Syria to revenge their deaths. As the Romans return to Rome, of the Christians, sends an army to Syria to revenge their deaths....
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