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Unformatted text preview: Cate (Caton, or Catoun) meaning Cato, a famous Roman writer and orator. Cato Dionysius Cato, the author of a book of maxims used in elementary education (not to be confused with the more famous Marcus Cato the Elder and Marcus Cato the Younger, who were famous statesmen of ancient Rome). Ceix. . .halcyon their story is found in Chaucer's first long original poem, The Book of the Dutchess, 1369. Centaurs, Cerberus, Busiris, Achelous, Cacus, and Antacus all part of the Labors of Hercules. Cheapside and Fish Streets streets in London that were known for the sale of strong spirits. Chepe today, London's Cheapside. In Chaucer's time, it was a favorite scene of festivals and processions. chimica senioris zadith tabula here, attributed by Chaucer to Plato but in the original publication (Theatrum Chemicum, 1695), it was attributed to Solomon. Cicero (Scithreo) the Roman orator and writer. Citherea the residence of Venus, goddess of Love. convent in Chaucer's time, a dwelling for any religious group of either sex. Cormeum eructavit! the opening words of Psalm 14. Corpus Dominus Chaucer has clever ways of commenting on his characters. Here, he lets us know that the Host is not an expert in Latin. He meant to say "corpus Domini," which means "the body of our Lord." Croesus the king of Lydia who depended too strongly upon fortune. Crosus (Croesus) King of Lydia, noted for his great wealth. Daniel See Daniel vii. De Coitu About Copulation, a book about coitus, or sexual intercourse. Delphi (Delphos) the home of the oracle of Delphi, who issued prophecies. Deus hic! Latin, meaning "God be here!" ...
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