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Job  from the Old Testament, the Book of Job presents the story of the sufferings of Job, who never  loses his "patience with God" for inflicting harsh punishment on an innocent person. Joseph  See Genesis xxxvii and xxxix–xli. Judith  a devout Jewish woman who saved her town from conquest by stealthily entering the camp of  the besieging Assyrian army and cutting off the head of its commander, Hologernes. Juno  the Roman queen of the gods. Kenelm  a young prince who, at seven years old, succeeded his father but was slain by an aunt. King Demetrius  The book that relates this and the previous incident is the  Policraticus  of twelfth- century writer John of Salisbury. King Peter of Spain; King Peter of Cyprus; Bernabo Visconti of Lombardy; Count Ugolino of  Pisa  figures who relied on fortune and were betrayed, killed, or starved.
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Unformatted text preview: Koran/Mahomet Mahomet wrote the Koran, which is the book or bible of the Islamic religion. Lancelot of the lake the popular knight of King Arthur's legendary Round Table. lauriol, centaury, and fumitory herbs that were used as cathartics or laxatives. Lazarus and Dives (Lazar and Dives) see Luke 16:19. lechery (lecchours) excessive sexual indulgence. The Legend Of Cupid's Saints ( Steintes Legende Of Cupide ) Better known under the title Legend of Good Women. Each episode shows how women have been abused by men and have suffered throughout the ages, therefore preparing us for abuse that Constance must endure. Lemuel See Proverbs 31:4-7. Lepe a town in Spain noted for its strong wines....
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