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Unformatted text preview: Meanwhile, Arveragus returns and finds his wife prostrate with grief. Dorigen tells him the story of her bargain, and he says she must keep her promise, even though it sorely grieves him. Dorigen presents herself to Aurelius. However, when Aurelius learns of Arveragus' nobility and sacrifice, he cannot force himself to possess Dorigen and sends the relieved lady back to her husband. Then Aurelius gathers all his gold together, only to discover that he can pay only half of what he owes the student-magician. When the student-magician learns that Dorigen was relieved of her part of the bargain, the student-magician cancels Aurelius' entire debt. The Franklin's interruption of the Squire's tale is puzzling. That he interrupts intentionally is unlikely given that he is so complimentary of the Squire and is himself such a gentleman. It is more likely that given that he is so complimentary of the Squire and is himself such a gentleman....
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