Samson the biblical

Samson the biblical - of which was the destruction of Troy...

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Samson  the biblical "strong man." He revealed the secret of his strength to Solome, who then  betrayed him to his enemies. Score it on my tally  loosely, "add it to my debt." A tally was a stick that was marked, or scored, to  show the amunt of a creditor's debt. Seneca  Roman philosopher and writer. Serpent Masked In Femininity (Serpant Under Femynynytee)  Satan, often depicted as a serpent  with a woman's face in medieval literature and art. Shapur  king of Persia. Sheffild (Sheffield)  a town in northern England, famous for the quality of its cutlery; thus, one  should beware of the Reeve because of the high quality of the Sheffield dagger which he carries in  his hose. simony (symonye)  the sin of using the church for personal financial gain, a frequent violation. Sinon  a Greek who persuaded the Trojans to take the Greeks' wooden horse into their city, the result 
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Unformatted text preview: of which was the destruction of Troy. Solar Hall the name of a large hall at Cambridge University, so named because of its large sunny windows. Solomon (Salomon) the author of the Book of Proverbs. St. Helen the mother of Constantine the Great, believed to have found the True Cross. Strother a town in Scotland, no longer in existence. Tartary, Surray the name of the kingdom in southeastern Russia near the Chinese border, today it is known as Tartary. Taurus, the bull the second sign of the zodiac. Telephus the Mysian king who was wounded by Achilles but also used the magic of Achilles' sword to heal himself. Termagant a supposed heathen idol. tertian occurring every third day....
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