Throughout the history of Western civilization

Throughout the history of Western civilization - Throughout...

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Unformatted text preview: Throughout the history of Western civilization, the idea of a very old man marrying a very young girl, usually 18 or younger, has been a constant source of comedy and the subject of many comic masterpieces. Most often these stories deal with the clever and manipulative ways in which the young wife is able to deceive her old husband. Even today, this situation has not changed, and in all cases, the audience is delighted by the manner and methods used to bring about this deception. The basic assumption of this type of story or fabliau is that, if an old man is fool enough to marry someone much younger, the old fool deserves to be fooled. (A fabliau is a story, most often in verse, which has rather bourgeois characters involved in an often obscene plot narrated rather realistically.) Another characteristic of this standard plot is that the old husband is domineering and jealous and...
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