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cajolery coaxing with flattery or insincere talk

cajolery coaxing with flattery or insincere talk -...

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cajolery  coaxing with flattery or insincere talk. Capisci?  (Italian) "Do you understand?" ( Note:  Other Italian phrases in the chapter are translatable  by context or through Yossarian's response.) capricious  tending to change abruptly and without apparent reason; erratic. cara mio  (Italian) "my dear." carabinieri  Italian police. carnal delights  in or of the flesh; bodily or sexual pleasures. chagrin  a feeling of embarrassment or annoyance because one has failed or been disappointed;  mortification. debauch  to lead astray morally; to corrupt or deprave. deferential  yielding in opinion, judgment, or wishes; showing respect. d é j à  vu  (French) "already seen"; a feeling that one has been in a place or had a particular  experience before. derisive
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Unformatted text preview: ridiculing; laughing at with contempt or scorn. desiccated completely dried; preserved by drying. didactic used or intended for teaching or instruction. diffident lacking self-confidence; timid; shy. dissuade to advise against; to convince someone not to do something. dog tags metal identification pendants worn in duplicate and resembling dogs' identification tags; in addition to other information, they include blood type. Donald Duck a cartoon character whose nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louie) are energetic but relatively ingenuous little scamps. dose of clap a case of gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease. echelon a subdivision of a military force according to rank, position or function....
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