Doc Daneeka - Doc Daneeka's"death" is humorous but even closer to serious events it also extends the satire beyond the war zone and into

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Unformatted text preview: Doc Daneeka's "death" is humorous but even closer to serious events; it also extends the satire beyond the war zone and into civilian life. Among other self-contradictions, Doc is a flight surgeon who hates to fly. For that reason, McWatt usually adds Doc's name to the passenger list, filed with his aviation plan, so Doc can draw his flight pay without having to board a plane. When McWatt flies into a mountain after buzzing the beach and killing Kid Sampson, Daneeka is actually standing on the beach, beside Sergeant Knight, watching. Within the context of military logic, however, he is on the plane, does not parachute out, and therefore must be dead. Forget the fact that he is still walking around, trying to convince people that he is alive. According to military procedure, he is officially dead. Back in the States, his wife receives a War Department telegram stating that her husband has dead....
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