Dunbar - Dunbar, Dobbs, Hungry Joe, and Yossarian enter...

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Unformatted text preview: Dunbar, Dobbs, Hungry Joe, and Yossarian enter with Nately and begin throwing the senior officers' uniforms out the window and threatening further mayhem. The senior officers relent, and Nately takes his whore to her apartment where she sleeps for eighteen hours. When she wakes up, she is "deeply in love with him. In the last analysis, that was all it took to win her heart a good night's sleep." Nately's response to the whore's sudden devotion is sadly predictable for a young man of his background. Having crawled after her for much of the war, he now becomes dominating in a gentlemanly manner. He fell in love with an independent working girl, but now he wants to change her into a subservient maiden. Love has "transmogrified him into a romantic idiot." Nately's whore and her little sister agree that Nately is crazy, but the prostitute does miss him when he is gone and...
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