enervating depriving of strength

enervating depriving of strength - fetid having a bad smell...

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enervating  depriving of strength, force or vigor. enigma  a perplexing, usually ambiguous statement; a riddle. ersatz  substitute or synthetic; artificial. erudite  learned; scholarly; having or showing a wide knowledge. ethereal  of or like the ether or upper regions of space; light; airy; unearthly. Euripedes  (480–406 b.c.) tragedian of classical Athens. The highly educated Clevinger would be  familiar with him. excoriate  to strip, scratch, or rub off the skin; to chafe. exophthalmic eyes  abnormal protrusion of the eyeballs, caused by various disorders. F.O.B.  a commercial term standing for "free on board"; without charge to the buyer for placing goods  on board a carrier at the point of shipment. fastidious  very critical or discriminating; refined in too dainty a way.
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Unformatted text preview: fetid having a bad smell, as of decay; putrid. flaccid hanging in loose folds or wrinkles; flabby. flak the fire from antiaircraft guns. a fortiori (Latin) "for a stronger [reason]"; said of a conclusion that follows, with even stronger logical necessity, one already accepted. Four-F a selective service designation for individuals unfit for the military. furtive stealthy; sneaky; surreptitious. gangrene decay of body tissue when the blood supply is obstructed by injury or disease. GI Government Issue, referring to all Army clothing, weapons, other supplies, and, eventually, any individual soldier. G-men government men; agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation....
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