General Peckem is a pseudo

General Peckem is a pseudo - General Peckem is a...

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Unformatted text preview: General Peckem is a pseudo-intellectual pedant who cares more about his own career than he does about his men or the civilians who sometimes fall victim to war. Colonel Scheisskopf, formerly Lieutenant Scheisskopf, whose wife entertained Yossarian one memorable Thanksgiving, joins Peckem's command and seems to fit in well. Both men are concerned with appearances. Scheisskopf wants to schedule Sunday parades; barring that, he insists on being in charge of canceling the Sunday parades that do not exist in the first place. Peckem is in charge of Special Services but thinks he should run the war and is jealous of General Dreedle, a combat officer. A raid is planned on a small, defenseless Italian village. Yossarian, Dunbar, and McWatt protest bombing innocent civilians; but the mission is carried out. McWatt's fearless aeronautics result in disaster.innocent civilians; but the mission is carried out....
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