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goldbrick to shirk one - insipid without flavor not...

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goldbrick  to shirk one's duty through fakery; to malinger. grazie, grazie  (Italian) "thank you, thank you." gullible  easily cheated or tricked; credulous. halvah  a Turkish confection consisting of crushed sesame seeds, nuts and honey. Hapsburg  a noble German family furnishing sovereigns to Australia (1278–1918) and to Spain  (1516–1700). Here, there is an ironic reference to their credit rating. I.P.  Initial Point: the place at which the squadron begins its actual run on the target. ignominy  loss of one's reputation; shame and dishonor. incorrigible  can not be corrected or improved; set in bad habits. inexorable  cannot be moved or influenced by persuasion; unrelenting.
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Unformatted text preview: insipid without flavor; not exciting; dull; lifeless. insouciant calm and untroubled; carefree; indifferent. invidiously inciting ill will, odium, or envy. irascible easily angered; quick-tempered. jamais vu and presque vu (French) "never seen" and "almost seen"; variations of déjà vu. KP kitchen police; an assignment, usually temporary, to work in the mess-hall kitchen. laconic brief or terse in speech or expression. languid without vigor or vitality. languorous lacking vigor or vitality. libidinous full of or characterized by lust. lithe flexible; supple; limber. Luftwaffe here, Air Force of Nazi Germany....
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