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Unformatted text preview: Heller's presentation of Mrs. Daneeka extends the satire beyond the war zone and into civilian life. We have come to expect the kind of military logic that declares Doc Daneeka dead even though he is walking around camp looking his usual sickly self. Now we see some of the same distortion and hypocrisy back home. When Mrs. Daneeka learns from a War Department telegram that her husband has been "killed in action," her woeful shrieks "split the peaceful Staten Island night." Nonetheless, Heller is not about to resort to stereotype; Mrs. Daneeka's lamentation is dripping with irony as well as tears: "The poor woman was totally distraught for almost a full week." Her husband writes her, but this only confuses the widow. At first she has hope, but the War Department insists that Doc is dead. Then the money starts flowing in. Mrs. Daneeka is the sole beneficiary of her that Doc is dead....
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