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Holden The protagonist and narrator of the novel

Holden The protagonist and narrator of the novel - Serious...

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Holden  The protagonist and narrator of the novel, he tells his story from a sanitarium in California. Phoebe  Holden's 10-year-old sister is his most trusted link to family. Allie  Holden's younger brother died on July 18, 1946, when he was 11 and Holden was 13. When he  needs help, Holden sometimes speaks to Allie. D.B.  Holden feels that his older brother, once a terrific short-story writer, has now sold out to  Hollywood by writing screenplays. Mother  Holden's mother appears briefly in Chapter 23 to check on Phoebe during Holden's secret  visit. Charlene  The Caulfield's maid. Mr. Antolini  Holden's favorite teacher while at Elkton Hills, he is now an English instructor at New  York University. His behavior at the Antolinis' apartment disturbs Holden. Lillian Antolini
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Unformatted text preview: Serious, older, asthmatic, intellectual, and wealthy, Antolini's wife is a somewhat enigmatic partner for the popular young instructor. Mr. Spencer An elderly history teacher at Pencey Prep, he may mean well but has a tendency toward pontificating. Mrs. Spencer The history professor's wife is known for her forbearance, kindness, and hot chocolate. Mr. Vinson Holden's speech teacher at Pencey wants his students to unify and simplify their speeches but never digress. Sally Hayes Holden's date to a matinee on Sunday is attractive but shallow and artificial. Jane Gallagher Holden likes to remember Jane as a sensitive, innocent girl with a unique approach to checkers. She is Stradlater's date Saturday evening, which bothers Holden....
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