In Rome - In Rome, the Major has arranged for luxurious...

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Unformatted text preview: In Rome, the Major has arranged for luxurious quarters for the men, featuring spacious rooms in a new white stone building; this foreshadows important events later in the novel. Entering Rome with the triumphal Allied procession on June 4, 1944, de Coverley receives his only injury when a "seedy, cackling, intoxicated old man," reminiscent of Satan himself, strikes the Major in the eye with a flower. At about the time that Yossarian bombs the Ferrara bridge twice (March 1944), Major de Coverley appoints Milo mess officer. Milo gains the position by boldly approaching the Major and tempting him with fresh eggs, which Milo can get plenty of in Malta if he only has a plane. The Major likes his fresh eggs fried in fresh butter; Milo just happens to know where to find fresh butter in Sicily. All of this can be paid for from the mess fund and a profit made by selling extra butter and eggs to other squadrons...
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