In this final chapter

In this final chapter - In this final chapter Heller ties...

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Unformatted text preview: In this final chapter, Heller ties up some loose ends and answers basic questions about his protagonist. Yossarian resolves the struggle of conscience that has been tormenting him. Orr's fate and his prior preparation are revealed. Yossarian makes his separate peace, and the chaplain declares his independence. Yossarian initially thinks that he has Korn and Cathcart in a bind. He can refuse to cooperate with them, but they will still have to allow him to return home because they would not dare to court-martial the hero who officially saved their lives from a Nazi assassin. Major Danby, the operations officer who is visiting Yossarian in the hospital, has the sad responsibility of reminding Yossarian that they are all still playing by military rules: "But, Yossarian! . . . There's another official report that says you were stabbed by an innocent girl in the course of extensive black-market operations involving acts of...
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