On the way to Ernie

On the way to Ernie - On the way to Ernie's Holden...

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Unformatted text preview: On the way to Ernie's, Holden discusses ducks, fish, and winter with the cab driver. At the club, Holden expresses his opinions concerning the aesthetics of performance, Ernie, the crowd in general, and a nearby couple in particular. Lillian Simmons, a former girlfriend of D.B., pops by his table with her date, a Navy officer. Holden declines her invitation to join them, saying he was just leaving. The cab driver's name is Horwitz. He is a grouchy, somewhat twisted amateur zoologist, but at least he is willing to entertain Holden's inquiry about where the ducks in Central Park go in winter. Actually, Horwitz prefers to discuss the fish. He gruffly declares that the fish have a tougher time than the ducks. Fish spend the winter frozen in the ice, according to Horwitz. They take in nourishment through the pores in their bodies. His opinions are amusing, but the comic aspects of the scene through the pores in their bodies....
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