oscillate to swing or move regularly back and forth

oscillate to swing or move regularly back and forth -...

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oscillate  to swing or move regularly back and forth. Où sont les Neigedens d'antan  The well-known phrase, from the French poet François Villon  (1431–1463) actually is,  où sont les neiges d'antan  ("where are the snows of yesteryear"). Yossarian  alters the fourth word to match his pun on the plural "Snowdens." Parlez en anglais . . . Je ne parle pas français  "Speak English . . . I don't speak French." perchè  (Italian) "why" or "because." pernicious  causing great injury, destruction, or ruin. Piltdown Man  One of the great hoaxes of the twentieth century, the Piltdown man supposedly was  an early species of modern man postulated from bones found near Piltdown (Sussex, England)  around 1911 but exposed as a forgery in 1953. prolix  so wordy as to be tiresome; verbose. pugnacious  eager and ready to fight; quarrelsome; combative. PX  Post Exchange; a store or stores on military bases offering merchandise at reduced prices for 
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Unformatted text preview: service personnel. Q.E.D. abbreviation for the Latin quod erat demonstrandum, meaning "which was to be demonstrated or proven," a phrase used in mathematics. Raskolnikov Clevinger compares Yossarian to the central character in Fyodor Dostoyevski's novel Crime and Punishment (1866), who maintains, at least for a time, that the end justifies the means. recant to withdraw or renounce beliefs or statements formerly held. requisition a formal written order, request, or application for equipment. reticent habitually silent or uncommunicative. ruefully regretfully; feeling or showing remorse. sarcophagus any-stone coffin, especially one on display, as in a monumental tomb. sardonic disdainfully or bitterly sarcastic and ironic....
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