This is not Yossarian

This is not Yossarian - This is not Yossarian Yossarian may...

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Unformatted text preview: This is not Yossarian. Yossarian may be a good friend, a lively companion, even a lovable scamp. But he is no hero and would not want to be one. In contrast, the captain is not endowed with great strength, ability or natural beauty. He is of common birth and certainly does not believe that the gods are with him. As a warrior, he would just as soon be a civilian. Yossarian considers concepts like "courage" and "heroism" to be foolhardy at best and deadly in the end. Initially, the only cause he is devoted to is his own survival; he needs to grow and develop as a character before he thinks of others. He loves women, or at least sex, much more than fighting. Victory, for Yossarian, would be a free ticket home. The Captain can be cunning and clever, but he is not a man of action so much as a man of avoidance. He worries a lot and freely admits to being a coward. Yossarian prefers life over man of avoidance....
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