This short chapter is devoted almost exclusively to Holden

This short chapter is devoted almost exclusively to Holden...

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Unformatted text preview: This short chapter is devoted almost exclusively to Holden's recollections of Jane Gallagher. Sitting in a "vomity-looking" chair in the lobby of the Edmont Hotel, he remembers how they met and what they did the summer before his sophomore year. He thinks he knows her "like a book." Despite the late hour, Holden still is not tired. He decides to visit Ernie's Nightclub in Greenwich Village. If she is as Holden remembers her, Jane is probably the one whom Holden should be dating instead of Sally Hayes. Jane lived next door to his family's summer home in Maine. Holden met her after his mother complained to the Gallaghers about their Doberman pinscher's habit of relieving itself on the Caulfield's lawn. Holden clearly appreciates and adores Jane, and she is someone he can talk with comfortably. Except for family members, she is the only person to whom he has shown Allie's comfortably....
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