We also learn more about Aarfy

We also learn more about Aarfy - We also learn more about...

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Unformatted text preview: We also learn more about Aarfy's character. He mocks Nately for spending so much on the prostitute and boasts, "I never paid for it in my life." At other times, Aarfy is a sycophant who caters to Nately because he thinks that Nately's wealthy father can help him after the war. Foreshadowing his behavior later in the novel, Aarfy reveals a shallow, sadistic side to his personality. He delights in telling about his college days when he and his fraternity brothers tortured and raped two high-school girls. "Boy, we used to have fun in that fraternity house," Aarfy boasts nostalgically. Heller satirically raises other questions of values through his exaggerated, comic depiction of Milo's management of his syndicate. Milo now has planes arriving from such markets as Liberia, Cairo, and Karachi. He deals with everyone except Russia — because it is Communist; but he has no problem Karachi....
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