When Yossarian is not hiding in the hospital

When Yossarian is not hiding in the hospital - When...

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Unformatted text preview: When Yossarian is not hiding in the hospital, he seeks refuge in Rome, the Eternal City. Much of his time in Rome is spent seeking women. Yossarian's relationships with women are assuredly less than heroic. He claims to fall in love with every bed partner, but his devotion is short-lived. Luciana, the girl with the invisible scar whom he meets at a club in Rome, is the most romanticized of his lovers. She is an earthy, exuberant, delightfully cryptic young woman with a sense of humor and some class. Naturally, Yossarian rejects her soon after they make love; they part, and he tears up her address with false bravado. Yossarian regrets it but not enough to keep him from rutting with someone else within twenty-four hours. His fidelity to Nurse Duckett is no more devout. On one trip to Rome, he misses her so much that he goes searching through the streets for other women and...
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