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Yossarian refuses to fly any more missions

Yossarian refuses to fly any more missions - Yossarian...

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Unformatted text preview: Yossarian refuses to fly any more missions. He feels that the world is out to kill him, and he walks around the squadron backward "because he was continually spinning around as he walked to make certain no one was sneaking up on him from behind." When Colonel Korn learns that Yossarian won't join in the bomb runs, he sends the recalcitrant officer to Rome for a few days to get him off the base. Once in Rome, Yossarian finds Nately's whore and tells her the tragic news of her fiancé's death. The young woman directs all of her pain and anger at Yossarian, making every effort to kill him. Even when he returns to Pianosa, she is somehow there waiting to assassinate him. Yossarian captures her, and Hungry Joe flies the two of them over northern Italy where they drop the woman by parachute. Back at the base, Yossarian is treated like a hero, by the airmen, for his refusal to fly any parachute....
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