Danny and Reuven enter Hirsch College

Danny and Reuven enter Hirsch College - Danny and Reuven...

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Unformatted text preview: Danny and Reuven enter Hirsch College. To his dismay, Danny soon learns that the college psychology department is oriented toward experimental psychology to the exclusion of the psychoanalytic work of Freud. The school is, in Jewish practice, Orthodox. Mr. Malter is busy giving talks on the importance of the Zionist movement (the movement to create a Jewish state). He speaks at a rally at Madison Square Garden for the Zionist cause. The rally is a great success, and the response to the idea of an end to British control of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state there is overwhelming. The rally, including Mr. Malter's participation in it, is reported in the press. Angered by the rally and Mr. Malter's call for a Jewish state, Reb Saunders cannot sanction his son associating with Reuven, the son of a Zionist leader. Accordingly, he forbids Danny to see or speak to Reuven.the son of a Zionist leader....
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