During the early

During the early - During the early hard-fought innings the...

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Unformatted text preview: During the early, hard-fought innings, the Hasidic team is carried by the ability and determination of their leader, Danny. Danny has a way of hitting the ball very hard, right at the pitcher, whom he barely misses on his first hit. The next time Danny's team comes to bat, Reuven is the pitcher. Danny smashes a ball that hits Reuven in the eye, shattering his eyeglasses and causing him great pain. After the game ends, Reuven is rushed to the hospital. Potok opens The Chosen by describing the setting and cultural background in which the novel takes place — an area in New York City called Williamsburg, which is heavily populated by Jews. Ironically, the streets of Williamsburg are not paved with gold, as alluded to in the mythical image of America; rather, they're paved with asphalt riddled with potholes. Even the sidewalks are "cracked squares of rather, they're paved with asphalt riddled with potholes....
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