During the war - During the war Salinger served as an...

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Unformatted text preview: During the war, Salinger served as an enlisted man, reaching the rank of sergeant, and continued writing. He received counterintelligence training and landed on Utah Beach, Normandy, on D-day (June 6, 1944). Sergeant Salinger participated in five campaigns in Europe, witnessing some of the heaviest fighting in the war. He carried a portable typewriter in his jeep, serving his apprenticeship through commercially successful (if mostly forgettable) stories published in popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Saturday Evening Post, and Esquire. "I'm Crazy," appearing in Collier's magazine in 1945, included material later used in The Catcher in the Rye . But for the most part, Salinger tried to dissuade any republishing of these works. As he said in a rare interview with the New York Times in 1974, he preferred that such inferior efforts "die a perfectly natural death." A two-volume pirated in 1974, he preferred that such inferior efforts "die a perfectly natural death....
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