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Dynasty a succession of powerful rulers

Dynasty a succession of powerful rulers - gefilte fish(guh...

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Dynasty  a succession of powerful rulers, often from the same family. Earlocks  hair grown long at the temples. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men obey the Torah precept that  directs, "You shall not clip your hair at the temples or mar the edges of your beard. You shall not  lacerate your bodies for the dead or tattoo any marks upon yourselves" (Leviticus 19:27-28). emendation  a change (usually of text) to correct or improve. empiricist  a person who believes that knowledge is gained only through experience. equivalence  in logic, a relationship between two statements such that either both are true or neither  is. Eretz Yisroel  ( Eh  retz  Yees  rah ale) Hebrew for the land of Israel. Eternal Light  a symbol in the synagogue that symbolizes the permanence of the Torah and the  radiance of the Jewish faith. gall  insulting boldness.
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Unformatted text preview: gefilte fish (guh fill tuh) cakes or balls of seasoned fish. gematriya (gem ot ree ya) a sort of arithmetical amusement to disclose the hidden meaning of biblical or other text by determining the numerical equivalents of the Hebrew letters in a Hebrew word. gentile a non-Jew. goy a Jewish colloquial term for a non-Jew. goyishkeit ( goy ish kite) a Jewish colloquial word referring to the culture of a non-Jew. Haganah (Hah gah nah ) a military organization of Israel. Hasid a Hasidic Jew. Hasidic Jews (Hah see dick) descendants of Jews who founded the Jewish sect of Hasidism ( Hah see dism) in eighteenth-century Europe. Hasidism suggests that it is possible to reach a close relationship with God through song and joy rather than only through more formal...
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