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Unformatted text preview: For example, in the film, Danny tells Reuven about his photographic memory at the latter's home. Reuven is skeptical, so he hands a newspaper to Danny. The look on his face says, in effect, "Show me, Danny." Danny does, and Reuven is astonished. In the novel, Reuven simply accepts at face value Danny's assertion that he has a photographic memory; he requires no proof. Probably the most important difference between the novel and the movie version is that the movie allows us to see Danny and Reuven as adolescent teenagers interested in having a social life. In the novel, the two boys have endless discussions about religion and philosophy, but they rarely talk about the opposite sex. Danny's lack of interest in anything romantic can be explained by Hasidic marriage customs, in which boys and girls are matched early in life and have no choice about whom...
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