In addition to the written Torah

In addition to the written Torah - In addition to the...

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Unformatted text preview: In addition to the written Torah, Orthodox Jews adhere to an oral tradition that they believe was communicated directly from God to Moses, who then transferred it to the religious leadership of the Jewish people. This oral tradition was finally written down in the second century A.D. and is called the Talmud ( Tall mood). The Talmud explains and clarifies the frequently controversial laws expressed in the Torah. For Orthodox Jews, Jewish law applies to all parts of life — for example, when and how to pray and which blessings to say at a wide variety of daily activities. But Orthodox Jews had a difficult time fulfilling their religious obligations while living in the United States, an overwhelmingly secular society. Business life was regulated by a Christian calendar, and many Orthodox Jews, wanting to improve their lives economically, encountered conflicts between religious observances and economic...
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