In Chapter 2 - In Chapter 2 Potok introduces us to the two...

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Unformatted text preview: In Chapter 2, Potok introduces us to the two patients who share Reuven's hospital room: Tony Savo and Billy Merrit. Tony Savo, in his middle thirties, is a professional boxer who is in the hospital because of an injury to his right eye. A rather brash but happy-go-lucky man who likes joking with the nurses, he befriends Reuven; Reuven, however, has trouble understanding Mr. Savo and sometimes just nods in response to whatever he says. Billy, whom Reuven guesses is ten or eleven years old, plays a more important role in this chapter. Billy is blind, which greatly upsets Reuven, for Reuven begins to realize just how lucky he is — he is likely to regain sight in his left eye; Billy will not. Billy's blindness also affects Reuven's father, David Malter. When Mr. Malter looks at Billy and Billy's father talking and realizes that Billy is blind, he is momentarily stunned. Reuven notes of his father's talking and realizes that Billy is blind, he is momentarily stunned....
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