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K - panzer a World War II German tank Passover a Jewish...

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K™'nigsberg  the easternmost city of the German empire; after World War II, it became part of the  Soviet Union and was renamed Kalingrad. La-Haye-du-Prits  a city in France. Liebniz  Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz (1646-1716), German mathematician. lodgment area  the place where soldiers spend the night. Maimonidean  (My  mon  uh day on) a reference to the great Jewish medieval scholar Maimonides. Mincha Service  an afternoon Jewish religious service. Mitnagdim  (Meet  nog  dim) critics or opponents of the Hasidic way of life. momzer  (mom zer) a colloquial word of derision. Neturei Karta  ( Net  u rye  Car  tuh) an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group in Jerusalem. Normandy  a region in northwestern France where Allied troops landed on D-Day (June 6, 1944)  during World War II. nu  a Jewish colloquial expression meaning "so" or "so then" or "and then what?"
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Unformatted text preview: panzer a World War II German tank. Passover a Jewish holiday in the spring, celebrating the Jews' exodus from slavery to freedom in ancient Egypt. perversities corruptions. phylacteries (fill lack tuh rees) like tefillin (listed previously), objects used during Jewish prayer. pilgrimage a journey to a sacred place. pilpul ( pill pull) the dry, stale manner of Jewish study in seventeenth-and eighteenth-century Europe that inspired the rise of Hasidism. prelim man a less skilled fighter who boxes in matches staged before the main fight. R. Anthony Eden (1897-1977) British statesman and prime minister (1955-57). Rashi a medieval commentator on the Torah and the Talmud....
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