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Unformatted text preview: Mr. Malter gives a speech at Madison Square Garden in New York City, urging an end to British control of Palestine and the creation of a Jewish state in its place. Reuven is moved by the speech, but Reb Saunders is furious. He forbids Danny to associate with Reuven. Reuven tells his father about this, adding that it wasn't unexpected. Reuven says to his father that Reb Saunders is a fanatic. Mr. Malter agrees but adds that the fanaticism of people like Reb Saunders has kept the Jewish people alive for the last 2,000 years. For the rest of the semester, Danny and Reuven do not speak to one another. Reuven finds the estrangement terrible to endure his grades suffer, and he constantly wonders what Danny is thinking and how he's getting along. The conflict between Reb Saunders and Mr. Malter continues. Reb Saunders organizes his followers The conflict between Reb Saunders and Mr....
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