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Phoebe continues to be terribly upset over Holden

Phoebe continues to be terribly upset over Holden - Phoebe...

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Unformatted text preview: Phoebe continues to be terribly upset over Holden's dismissal from Pencey Prep. She is sure that their father will be very upset with her brother. Holden says he'll merely be sent to a military school, if he is still around; he plans to head for Colorado to work on a ranch. Holden tries to explain to Phoebe what a terrible place Pencey is. He doesn't like anything there. But she concludes that he doesn't like anything anywhere and challenges him to name one thing that he likes. Holden tries to focus on the issue, but his mind drifts. Phoebe interrupts and repeats the challenge to think of one thing that Holden likes. He says he likes Allie, but Phoebe counters that Allie is dead and doesn't count. He says he likes talking with her , but Phoebe answers, "That isn't anything real ly." Phoebe changes the topic and asks Holden to name something he would like to...
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