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Quaker a member of the Society of Friends

Quaker a member of the Society of Friends - rubbering short...

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Quaker  a member of the Society of Friends, a Christian denomination founded in England (circa  1650) by George Fox; the Friends have no formal creed, rites, liturgy, or priesthood, and reject  violence in human relations, including war. The term "Quaker" was originally derisive, aimed at the  Friends because of Fox's admonition to "quake" at the word of the Lord. qualms  sudden feelings of uneasiness or doubt; misgivings; twinges of conscience. racket  any dishonest scheme or practice. Radio City Music Hall  a Manhattan theater featuring films and stage shows, including a lavish  Christmas pageant. rake  an immoral , corrupt, depraved man. ratty  shabby or run-down. Ring Lardner  (1885–1933) U.S. sports reporter and humorist. Robert Burns  (1759–1796) Scottish poet. Rockettes  dancers at New York City's Radio City Music Hall, known for their chorus-line precision.
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Unformatted text preview: rubbering short for rubbernecking , meaning to look at things or gaze about in curiosity. rubbernecks people who stretch their necks or turn their heads to gaze about in curiosity. rye a hardy cereal grass, widely grown for its grain and straw. sack bed. sadist one who gets pleasure from inflicting physical or psychological pain on another or others. sagitarius Phoebe, whose best subject is spelling, has misspelled "Sagittarius," the ninth sign of the zodiac, entered by the sun about November 21. Salvation Army an international organization on semi-military lines, founded in England by William Booth in 1865 for religious and philanthropic purposes among the very poor....
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