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Unformatted text preview: Reuven's second visit to Danny's house to study with Danny and Reb Saunders allows Reuven to describe the living quarters on the brownstone's second and third floors. The family, except for Danny, live on the second floor; Danny's bedroom is on the third floor, along with his father's study. Reuven notes that the walls and ceilings of the brownstone's second and third floors are white, without any pictures hanging on them. The stark setting's lack of personal touches such as family photographs parallels Danny's growing up in silence — the lack of a shared, personal language with his father. The Talmudic discussion between Danny and his father is heated and confrontational, to the point that Reuven thinks that they might physically hit each other. However, their arguing is also ritualistic in that each knows the strategies of the other in discussing the Talmud; these sessions occur...
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