The dominating theme of Chapter 17 is compatibility

The dominating - The dominating theme of Chapter 17 is compatibility or lack of it between couples The opening scene the play and the exchange at

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Unformatted text preview: The dominating theme of Chapter 17 is compatibility, or lack of it, between couples. The opening scene, the play, and the exchange at the skating rink all deal with the question of life partners and what a disaster it is to have the wrong one. The question first occurs to Holden as he waits for Sally under the clock at the Biltmore Hotel. He is girl watching in his own way. Instead of wondering what it would be like to be with this girl or that, temporarily, Holden's mind drifts. He begins to wonder what will " happen to all of them." What kinds of life partners — "dopey guys," as he calls them — will they find? Some probably will end up with petulant jerks who pout if they lose a game of golf. Others will marry mean guys or boring guys or guys who never read a book. Typically, Holden then digresses about a boring guy he knew who guys who never read a book....
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