The film differs from the book in that the six

The film differs from the book in that the six - The film...

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Unformatted text preview: The film differs from the book in that the six-day hospital stay described in the novel is reduced to one brief hospital scene in the film. The conversations between Danny and Reuven, Reuven and his father, and the three of them that take place over six days in the book are spread throughout the movie. This restructuring of the film sharpens the focus of the relationship between Danny and Reuven. Many of their interactions take place in each other's homes, where the film audience is not distracted by the peripheral conversations and activities that take place in the novel. A more intimate relationship between Danny and Reuven becomes possible. For example, in the film, Danny tells Reuven about his photographic memory at the latter's home. Reuven is skeptical, so he hands a newspaper to Danny. The look on his face says, in effect, "Show me, Danny." Danny does, and Reuven is astonished. In the novel, Reuven simply accepts at face me, Danny....
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