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Unformatted text preview: The novel's action begins symbolically with a softball game between the Jewish parochial schools that Danny and Reuven attend. Potok sets up the game to highlight the differences between Danny's branch of Judaism and Reuven's. During the softball game, a ball hit by Danny strikes Reuven in the eye and puts him in the hospital. Despite the boys' initial an-tagonism — Reuven blames Danny for deliberately hitting him with the ball — the boys develop a warm friendship. They discuss their feelings about their respective Jewish sects and about their fathers. Over the course of the novel, The Chosen focuses on and gradually expands Reuven and Danny's discussions. Central to the novel are Potok's concerns about Jews who live in the United States. He asks how much a committed, religious Jew can participate in American society without forfeiting a sense of...
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