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To resolve this religious versus economic conflict

To resolve this religious versus economic conflict - To...

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Unformatted text preview: To resolve this religious versus economic conflict, many Orthodox Jews believed that, in order to ensure that their children were not completely secularized, they would have to make some changes in their daily lives. They saw their children, raised in the United States, wandering away from Jewish practice and observance, ashamed of their parents with their foreign accents and clothing, their tastes for European foods and styles of life, and their old-fashioned customs and religion. Moreover, because the parents were uneducated in American ways, their children saw them as members of an ignorant, lower-class ethnic world. This conflict was aggravated by government efforts and social demands on immigrant groups to adjust to American culture. So the elder Jews established for their offspring the Young Israel movement, which began on the Lower East Side in 1912 with a mission to help young Jews feel completely American while...
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