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PHY 2049: Introductory Electromagnetism Notes From the Text Chris Mueller Dept. of Physics, University of Florida 3 January, 2009 1 Introduction The subject of this course is the physics of electricity and magnetism. We have many different concepts and ideas to study before we will have a firm understanding of electromagnetism, but it is interesting to note from the outset that the entire theory can be written down in five fairly simple equations. ∇ · E = ρ ± 0 ∇ × E = - ∂t B ∇ · B = 0 ∇ × B = 1 c 2 ∂t E + μ 0 J F = q ( E + v × B ) 2 Chapter 21: Electric Charge 2.1 Electric Charge Electric charge is an intrinsic quantity of a particle. We can not ’see’ this charge, but we can experience its effects through the force that it exerts when placed near another charged object. Unlike gravity (which is always attractive), charged objects can exert both attractive and repulsive forces on each other. We distinguish the two types of charge by calling one negative and the other
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