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as if all of the charge were located at its center. 2. A charged particle inside of a shell of uniform charge does not experience any net force from the shell. 3. Any excess charge placed on a spherical conductor will rearrange itself until it is uniformly distributed on the outside of the conductor. The first two properties are exactly analogous to a spherical shell of uniform mass, while the last one has no gravitational analogy because there is no gravitational analogue to a conductor. 2.3 Quantization and Conservation of Charge In Benjamin Franklin’s day, electric charge was thought to be a continuous fluid, but it has since been observed that charge is quantized. That is to say, charge comes in (albeit small) indivisible packages. The elementary charge given in Coulombs is: e = 1 . 602 × 10 - 19 C This fundamental unit of charge is the charge which is carried by the electron and the proton. The electron has negative one elementary charge while the proton has positive one elementary charge.
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