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Unformatted text preview: It is easy to begin thinking about flux from the perspective of fluids. If we consider a pipe with liquid flowing through it, then the flux of liquid through the pipe is the amount of water which flows through in a given amount of time. If we choose a larger pipe with the same rate of flow, then the flux would be higher. So our first conclusion is that the amount of flux is proportional to the area chosen as well as the flow rate. If we then asked the question: what is the flux through a patch of area which is inside of the pipe but perpendicular to the direction of flow? In this case, there would be zero fluid flowing through the patch of area and hence, the flux would be zero. So our second conclusion is that the amount of flux is related to the angle between the patch of area and the direction of flow. This second conclusion hints to us that flux will have a dot product relationship between the flow direction and the normal to the surface area patch in question....
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