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6 Chapter 25: Capacitance This chapter and the next one are basically a build up to chapter 27 where we will talk about the basic physics of electronics/circuits. The two build up chapters will focus on the individual components of circuits, such as capacitors and resistors, and chapter 27 will allow us put everything together and analyze how circuits work as a whole. 6.1 Capacitance Conductors are the main constituent of electronic circuits and so we will seek to find new ways of talking about them in this chapter. When we put two conductors of equal and opposite charge near each other, we know from the last two chapter that there will be an electric field and hence a potential difference between them. It turns out that the relationship between the amount of (equal and opposite) charge placed on the two conductors is linear, by which we mean that the amount of charge is related to the potential by a constant. This constant of proportionality is what we call capacitance. q
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