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Unformatted text preview: The capacitance of the cylindrical capacitor of length L is therefore C = 2 π L ln ( b a ) Note that the most commonly encountered cylindrical capacitor is a shielded cable (like coaxial cable used for television transmissions). In these cases, it is more useful to talk about the capaci- tance per unit length so that one can measure the length of the cable to find the total capacitance. The capacitance per unit length is easily seen to be: C L = 2 π ln ( b a ) One more point of interest is that again, as before, the capacitance is strictly a geometrical quantity. Aside from constants, it depends solely on the length of the conductor and the inner and outer radii. 6.3 Capacitors in Parallel and in Series As we begin to work with electrical circuits, it will be nice to have some simplification rules for circuits with many components. Here we will develop some rules for working with circuits with many capacitors. We first need to define some terminology. For simplicity, we will consider twomany capacitors....
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