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Unformatted text preview: 9.1 The Definition of ~ B Recall that we defined the electric field by first talking about the force which two charged particles exert on each other and then factoring out one of the charges. This lead us to the concept of a field which existed everywhere in space as opposed the idea of a force which only exists between two objects. Since magnetic fields do not have the equivalent of charged particles we will not be able to define the field in the same way. We instead define the field directly through its force law which is found experimentally to be ~ F B = q~v ~ B (28) Recall that we can expand the cross product to find the magnitude of the force as F B = qV B sin where is the angle between the field and the velocity of the charged particle. 9.2 The Hall Effect and Circulating Charged Particles We have been told in various courses throughout high school and college that the things which move in a conductor are electrons. We have also recently seen that although electrons are themove in a conductor are electrons....
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