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Unformatted text preview: itself. We therefore conclude that a current carrying wire experiences a force when placed in a magnetic field. In order to figure out how strong this force is, we need to express the charge in the magnetic force equation in terms of the current. q = it = i L v d We can plug this directly into the magnetic force equation, but we must be careful to direction right since this term will cancel with the velocity. Singe the current moves in the direction of the wire, we can use the L in the above equation to express the direction. ~ F B = i ~ L ~ B (30) where L is the length of the wire over which the magnetic field acts and the direction is the direction of the current flow. 9.4 Torque on a Current Carrying Loop The subject of how a a current carrying loop acts when placed in a magnetic field is very important because it is the phenomenon upon which all electric motors are built. Imagine a square loop of wire placed in a uniform magnetic field (see figure 28). The portions of the in which the currentwire placed in a uniform magnetic field (see figure 28)....
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