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Unformatted text preview: Problem 29.48 In figure 31, a long circular pipe with outside radius R = 2 . 6 cm carries a (uniformly distributed) current i = 8 mA into the page. A wire runs parallel to the pipe at a distance of 3 R from center to center. Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction (into or out of the page of the current in the wire such that the net magnetic filed at point P has the same magnitude as the net magnetic field at the center of the pipe but is in the opposite direction. Figure 31: Figure for problem 29.48 This problem is essentially practice in applying Amperes law. Before we start, we can draw some analogies with Gausss law and the electric field to preemptively guess some of the features of the problem. Recall that the electric field inside of a uniformly charged spherically symmetric surface was zero. We might therefore expect that the magnetic field inside of a uniform cylindrically symmetric current distribution is zero. Similarly, we saw that for a sphere of charge, the electricsymmetric current distribution is zero....
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