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Unformatted text preview: • Paramagnetism: Paramagnetism occurs when we place an external magnetic field on a ma- terial whose atoms do not have a net zero dipole moment. In this case, the dipole moments align with the field and produce a much stronger and more noticeable effect than diamag- netism does. In this case the net dipole moment of the material will be aligned with the field. • Ferromagnetism: Ferromagnetism is essentially the same as paramagnetism except the structure of the materials provides some way for the dipole moments to stay aligned for some time after the field is removed. These are the magnetic materials that we are familiar with (common fridge magnets) like iron and nickel. Like paramagnetism, the dipole moment will tend to align with the field. 13.4 Problems Problem 32.7 Suppose that a parallel-plate capacitor has circular plates with raduis R = 30 mm and a plate separation of 5 mm . Suppose also that a sinusoidal potential difference with a maximum value of 150 V and a frequency of 60...
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