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Figure 41: Figure for Problem 33.59. Finally, applying Snell’s law at this interface gives us the angle of interest. n 1 sin θ = n 2 sin θ 2 θ = arcsin ± n 2 n 1 sin ² 90 - arcsin ² n 3 n 2 ³³´ = 26 . 8 For part b, if we increase the angle θ , then the ray will hit the second interface at an angle smaller than the critical angle and some of the light will be refracted through. 15 Chapter 34: Images In the last chapter we discussed a few of the general principles of optics. In this chapter we will go a little deeper into the topic of geometrical optics and discuss the principles behind images. In discussing images, we need to make a distinction between two different types. Virtual images are images which are perceived in the brain but which can not be projected onto a screen. An example of a virtual image is the image that we see of ourselves when we look into a mirror. It appears to us as if there is a copy of ourselves standing behind the mirror. If we placed a screen at the point where our eyes were when we saw this image, however we would not
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